Your Basic Doubts about Genital Warts are Answered Here

Genital warts are one of the sexually transmitted disease and it often causes a lot of confusion in the minds of the people when they or their partner face it. Here we give you the answers to the most often and commonly asked questions about genital warts.

Question: How long will it take for the symptoms to appear if I had sex with a partner who has genital warts?

Answer: it might take 3 weeks and even years before you see the symptoms appearing in your body. Even though you are affected by that virus you might not see the symptoms of warts. However you might even pass it on to others without even having warts.

So it is better to have safer sex with your partner. Usually it takes 3 months and 8 months before you see the warts after sexual contact. Warts are found in those who have a weakened immune system.

Question: Is it possible to get warts in the mouth through oral sex?

Answer: No. it is very rare to get warts in the mouth that is caused by oral sex. Although it is possible to get it, it is very rare. So it is better to engage in safe sexual practice to ensure that you are safe from genital warts. There are many strains of HPV that cause warts in your body.

Question: Is it possible to cure HPV?

Answer: There is no way that you can completely remove all the human papilloma virus from your body. However there are treatments that restrict the spread of the virus to others and to some extent you can fight it off. If you have got rid of warts then we can say that you body is fighting off that virus successfully.

That does not mean that you will not get it again. As long the immune system functions efficiently you will not get it back. So you can take supplements that boost the immune system to function effectively. If any of the partners is having the HPV but no symptoms you can also get that virus. So it is better to have safe sex always.

Now knowing something about genital warts we hope that you know how to prevent it. Better always take that extra precaution when you have sex and make sure that you are informing your partner about it before you have sex.





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