Relax – Here are Few Effective Treatment methods for Your Genital Wart Problem

Knowing that you have genital warts would have confused a lot without much knowledge about this disease. It would be embarrassing to discuss this with your friends.

Getting some information and having your doubts clarified would keep you at ease. Some of the common questions about genital warts are answered in this article so that you know more about the condition.

Question: Are there pills to treat genital warts?

Answer: No and Yes. The answer is both. Actually there is no pill to cure genital warts but there are medications to cure the normal warts found in your body. it is found that a medication used for heartburn is useful to clear the genital warts in your body. this is of more use to women because they might have genital warts inside of their vagina. The medication for this is tagamet. High doses of this medication boost your immune system effectively and the body is able to fight off the genital warts.

Question: Can laser be used to clear off genital warts effectively?

Answer: for some it may work and for some it may not work. So it is better to know the pros and cons of laser treatment for genital warts and then discuss with your doctor about the expected result. The recovery period after the treatment using laser would be painful. Moreover it is an expensive form of treatment. if the warts are unusually large then you might want to go for a laser treatment. If wart is found in the female genitals it would be better to go for laser treatment since alternative treatment is not there. The treatment with laser is effective and tolerable.

Question: What is cryotherapy? How it works in wart removal?

Answer: Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart and then to remove it. This is one of the effective methods adopted to remove genital warts. The pain due to cryotherapy is bearable while some people may experience discomfort. It is common to treat genital warts through cryotherapy.

Knowing the various methods of treating genital warts would make you feel at ease when you think of the treatments for genital warts. To know better about the treatment options you can discuss with your doctor. The first step towards treating warts is to remove the warts that are present in your body and then to boost the immune system to fight it off from appearing again.






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