How to Choose Your Best Genital Warts Treatment Option?

The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the virus that causes the genital warts in us. It is spread through sexual contacts easily.

There are hundreds of strains of HPV and the warts that occur on other parts of the body are caused by a different strain than that is causing genital warts.

The genital warts that occur in the genital and the anal area are cauliflower like growths that sticks out of the skin. Simple skin contact would suffice to spread this virus to others.

Even if the same towel is shared by two people it would spread to the other person.It is harmless in men while it might cause cervical cancer in women.

So women who have an active sex life should do the Pap smear test annually to make sure that they don't have genital warts. This article would give you an idea of the treatments that are available for genital warts.

There are several treatment options available for treating genital warts. Although some of the treatment might make the warts disappear, it is not sure that it may not reappear.

You may not get it for months and for even years and suddenly they may reappear when your immunity is low. Over the counter drugs and home remedies are available for treating genital warts. Consult your doctor for more treatment options.

Cryotherapy is the process that is used effectively to remove genital warts. In this process liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the genital warts and then remove it.

There might be slight discomfort after the treatment. Several sittings of treatment might be necessary to treat genital warts through cryotherapy.

Different chemical treatments are also available for treating genital warts. Some of them include podophyllin and tricholoroacetic acid.

These are applied to dissolve the warts and then remove them. Some of the chemicals like fluorouracil cream, podofilox solution and imiquimod cream can be used even at home for treating genital warts.

Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure known as LEEP is the other surgical option that is available for removing genital warts.

In this procedure a loop shaped device is used to cut off the warts. If the warts are big then the doctor might prescribe you to a CO2 laser treatment to remove warts.

If none of the above methods work for you then you can go for an interferon injection. This chemical staves off the infections and it would fight off the warts easily. This type of injection is used twice a week for 8 weeks.






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